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Travelling with your e-cig


Holiday season is almost upon us which means it’s time to pack our cases and head for sunnier climes. If you’re travelling abroad this year, you may be thinking of taking your e-cigarette with you to survive the holiday without any real cigarette cravings.

The good news is that it’s perfectly fine to travel with your e-cigarette, though there are a few things to consider when taking it abroad. Here are some handy tips for travelling with your e-cig.

Contact your travel agent/airline company

Whilst e-cigarettes are allowed on planes in your carry-on luggage, some companies have restrictions on what you can take and in what quantity. For example, an airline may limit the number of batteries or liquids you can carry with you for the cigarette. It’s worth getting in touch in advance of your trip so you’re not left with less liquid or battery than you aniticipated.

It’s also worth noting that although e-cigarettes are permitted on planes, you are not permitted to smoke them during the flight. In this respect, e-cigarettes fall under the same category as real tobacco products and are covered by the no-smoking rule.

Put your liquids in a plastic bage-cigarette-1301664_1920

This is a general rule for all liquids on flights and that includes your refillable e-cigarette liquids. No liquid may be over 100ml, so make sure you have approved, smaller flavour containers with you. In addition, your total liquids (which count everything from lipgloss and deodorant to your e-cig liquid) cannot exceed 1 litre, so be sure to only pack your favourite flavours.

Don’t forget to remove your tank too, if it’s full, as this also counts a liquid!

Separate your e-cig from the luggage

When going through security at the airport, passengers are reminded to take out electronic devices and scan them through on a separate tray. From laptops to iPods and mobile phones or even hairdryers, anything electrical should be removed and scanned separately. This includes your e-cigarette, so don’t get caught out by keeping yours in your carry-on luggage or handbag, as this could prompt further examination of your devices which could cause a delay in the airport.

Once you get there:

It’s advisable that you use the e-cigarette equipment that you brought with you. If you run out of liquids or your battery becomes faulty, seek a reputable and trusted store to replace these. New regulations about the nicotine quantity of e-cigarette liquids has come into force, but always double check you know exactly what you’re buying when abroad, and if you’re unsure it’s best to wait until you get home to replace anything.


If you need to stock up on any liquids or accessories before you travel, remember to get your order in online in plenty of time, or visit us in one of our stores. We have literally hundreds of flavours to choose from!

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