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June Featured Product: SmokeMax Edge Pro II


This month our featured product is the SmokeMax Edge Pro II, which as you might have guessed is the superior big brother to the original Edge box mod. This device has many additional features and benefits which make it our product of the month. In fact, we see it as the future of e-cigarettes…

The SmokeMax Edge Pro II boasts a number of additional features and functionality over its predecessors. Thanks to various options over wattage, wicks and vape settings, it offers a highly personalised vaping experience which the user can control. The Edge Pro is miles ahead of the competition, offering an enhanced experience for the advanced vaper.

Available in silver or black, you can look forward to a stylish and sleek device which looks as good as it performs. Compatible with existing SmokeMax batteries, you can get started with the Edge Pro straight away. Not only this, the supercharged rechargeable battery available allows for 2-3 days of uninterrupted vaping – ideal if you have to vape in a situation where charging your battery is difficult.

The tank has a 3ml capacity, and comes with 2 wicks; an 0.2ohms and 0.5ohms. You can also use 1.0ohm coils in this product, made from kanthal wire and organic cotton.

Features which make it stand out from the rest include an LED display which shows a battery level indicator and a puff counter, so you can really keep track of your vaping and know exactly when you need to charge. In all, there are 46 adjustable vape settings for a truly customisable and personal vaping experience.

Within the SmokeMax Edge Pro kit you’ll receive:

  • SmokeMax Edge 4400mah rechargeable battery
  • Universal adapter to fit various types of tank
  • 2 premium wicks
  • Retractable USB cable
  • User Manual


The product is definitely designed for the more experienced vaper, with many features and customisable options which may not be applicable to, or necessary for, a first time vaper. For more information, or to purchase a SmokeMax Edge Pro II, click here.



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