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How to quit smoking with E-Cigarettes.

I don’t need to tell you why you should quit smoking. By now everyone knows the dangers of smoking traditional cigarettes and the huge benefits to quitting the habit for good. But what’s the best way to go about ditching the nicotine for good?

We here at SmokeMax might be biased but that doesn’t change the fact that there is an ever growing mass of evidence and rhetoric that using an E-cigarette as a quitting aid is one of the most effective and ultimately successful ways to go about achieving that difficult task.

So what’s the best way to quit smoking with an E-Cigarette…

Step one buy an E-Cigarette obviously! For this we suggest doing so in person. There is a variety of models and sizes available and getting your hands on them is the surest way to guarantee you get a product that you are happy and comfortable with.

Next up, choosing your first E-Liquids. If you’ve taken our advice and come in-store to buy your e-cigarette then you will have the benefit of being able to try out our extensive range of flavours in our free tasting bar. If you are a heavy smoker then we recommend that you start with our high strength nicotine e-liquids. A variety of flavours is a good idea and can help break up the pattern of smoking that you are currently in.

From there we would suggest taking a couple of months to get used to the E-Cigarette and the different E-Liquid flavours on offer. Stick with the nicotine strength you started with for just now, however a lot of people find that they will amount of nicotine they take in on a weekly basis will drop naturally without them noticing any with withdrawal symptoms

The next step can be slightly daunting but should be nothing to fear. After a few months of using the E-Cigarette, start replacing your high strength e-liquids with medium strength e-liquids. Don’t make a complete switch in one go though. If you are buying four bottles at a time, make two of them medium strength. Then next time three medium strength, then finally make all four medium strength e-liquids.

Again take your time to acclimatise to this new level of nicotine intake. You may suffer from mild withdrawal symptoms (not always the case!) but you need to tough it out!

When you feel comfortable repeat the above step but this time drop from medium strength E-Liquids to the low strength variety. By this time your nicotine intake will be significantly lower than when you were smoking traditional cigarettes and the benefits of not inhaling all the smoke, tar and other chemicals associated with traditional cigarettes should be obvious.

At this point you have a choice you can either cut down the amount of E-liquids you are smoking until you wean yourself off them completely or you can start introducing zero nicotine E-Liquids into the mix. Whatever you decide, you are so close to being able to say to people that you have managed to quit smoking. Stay strong and visualise that feeling of success and use it to make sure you don’t fall off the bandwagon at this late stage.

Finally put the E-Cigarette in the cupboard. It’s done it’s job!

One piece of advice though, don’t throw it out! If you are going out for a night where alcohol is involved take it along as a safeguard. More often than not this is where people slip back into the smoking habit. Using your E-cigarette with zero nicotine e-liquid can be the saving grace that’s the difference between traditional cigarette and staying strong.

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