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E-Cigarette Batteries Do’s and Don’ts


It’s alarming to know that there are still some e-cig users out there that don’t know how to safely charge their e-cig batteries and that almost all cases of exploding e-cigs can be easily prevented. Here’s some simple tips about the “do’s and don’ts” of e-cig battery charging to so you can keep yourself and others around you safe when using your e-cig.


Don’t use a mobile phone charger when charging your e-cig. Phone chargers exert a much higher voltage and using these can cause e-cigs to overheat and in worse case scenarios, explode, causing harm to the user as we all know.

Don’t charge battery for longer than recommended and don’t charge overnight – this is just asking for trouble! Different battery sizes take different times to fully charge and overcharging can lead to e-cig explosion.

Don’t buy from an untrustworthy supplier. There are so many suppliers out there selling cheap batteries. Although it might seem like you are saving a few quid, it is unlikely that these batteries have been tested properly and you would have to replace these more frequently.

Don’t expose your e-cig batteries to heat and direct sunlight. Extreme heat can lead to the resin in batteries melting and disfiguring, leading to electrolyte seepage and explosion.


Do use the chargers that are sold with the e-cig or a charger (charger link) recommended by one of our staff. Our e-cigs come equipped with a USB charger designed to charge at a low amp.

Do buy from a respectable retailer. We have many stores across Scotland (store locations link) as well as our online shop, where you can purchase USB chargers that charge through a computer source or plugs with lower wattage that you can put directly into the socket. We will provide you with all the specs and technical information you need to find the perfect charger.

Do check your e-cig wattage so when charging, the e-cig is receiving the correct flow of current to effectively heat the coil. Some plug points now have direct USB ports which is ideal for when you need to charge on the go, but it’s worth checking the wattage before you charge there.

Do clean your e-cig battery regularly. It is advised that you clean your battery at least once a week to ensure any residue is removed from the battery connection point.

Battery safety is super important so always make sure you are in the know about proper safety procedures. At Smokemax, we are here to help with any questions you might have and our tutorial video, Tom from SmokeMax gives us some key tips to safe battery charging.

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