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Don’t believe everything you read!

Quite often in regards to the use of E-Cigarettes there seems to be a disparity in how ordinary members of the public, who vape or know someone who does, describe their effect on their lives and those around them as opposed to the aggresively negative manner in which the media portray them.

Why is this?

First lets look at some facts:

– The levels of dangerous chemicals E-cigarettes give off are a tiny fraction of what you’d get from a real cigarette

– While nicotine is very addictive, studies have shown its effects on the body to be minimal. The problem with traditional cigarettes is the additives, smoke and chemicals, not so much the nicotine all of which don’t apply to E-Cigarettes

– Reputable E-Cigarette Companies such as ourselves no exactly what is in our E-Liquids there is no mystery dangerous ingredients!

– The main carcinogenic components that lead to cancer in traditional smoking are not present in E-Cigarettes.

– E-Cigarettes have no second hand smoke and leave no smell

– Vaping is cheaper than traditional cigarette smoking.

– The use of E-cigarettes as a quitting method has been shown to be highly successful in numerous studies now.

So why the bad press? Obviously the big Tobacco companies have a very obvious agenda to curb the growth of the E-Cigarette sector, after all it is eating into their market in a substantial way. But they can’t influence the media… or can they? There are a few aspects to consider when answering that:

– The Tobacco market is worth $700 billion a year. That’s a lot of money.

– The Tobacco market is in decline, with less and less people smoking traditional cigarettes.

– In 2013 the UK government earned £12 billion in taxes on traditional cigarettes. E-cigarettes are not subject to the smae level of taxation.

– Rupert Murdoch (you know the one that owns a considerable slice of the newspapers in the uk!) is also on the board of one of the biggest Tobacco Companies in the world.

– Lord Rothermere (owns The Mail and the Mail on Sunday as well as the Metro) held several senior positions at British American Tobacco another of the biggest Tobacco companies.

So it’s not in the Government’s interest to have E-cigarettes knocking tobacco revenues and it’s not in the interest of the men who own the Newspapers. Something worth bearing in mind next time you read something less than flattering about E-Cigarettes in our media. We suggest instead you ask someone you know who vapes what their experience of E-Cigarettes is and we guarantee it won’t be in line with the latest E-cigarette scare story in The Mail…

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