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A Personalised Stop Smoking Service


At SmokeMax, we provide you with more than just the opportunity to buy great e-cigarettes and fantastic new flavours. We are also here to help you with your resolution to quit smoking.

We know that every individual is different in terms of how much they smoke, why they smoke and what they want to get from quitting. That’s why we have fully trained our staff in all branches to help find the best smoking cessation tools for you.

Your nicotine needs

The addiction in smoking is mainly due to the nicotine in your cigarettes. The level of this highly addictive substance you consume is dependent on how much you smoke, and the type of cigarettes you smoke. Our team will talk you through your individual circumstances to find out what the best nicotine strength is for you.Smokemax 10ml Favourites_Cherry Tunes-page-001 Many people who experience difficulty with e-cigarettes or find themselves coughing when using theirs, often simply have an e-liquid which is too strong for them.

We sell each of our e-liquid flavours in 5 different strengths, ranging from high – for heavy smokers – right down to zero – for those who need no nicotine fix. Our aim is to start you off on the right level of nicotine for your body, and help you slowly reduce the intake to become smoke-free and nicotine-free.

Your favourite flavours

British_Tobacco_3D_1__00014.1403882330.1280.1280Whether you want to stop smoking and keep the same tobacco flavour, or want to try something altogether different, we have a flavour to suit you. Even better, we have a taste bar in each of our stores, which you are welcome to use to find your perfect flavours.

With a range of American and British tobacco flavours, you can start to use your e-cigarette alongside your regular brand of cigarettes to help reduce your tobacco smoking. On the other hand, we also have over 50 sweetie flavours and a range of cocktail flavours if you fancy tantalising your tastebuds.

Quit kits for all smokers

Our quit kits are designed to suit a range of budgets and preferences. Our SmokeMax Primo is just £19.99 and is perfectrsz_primo_quit_kit_basic__26003144258940912801280 for the e-cigarette novice, looking to take their first steps to quitting smoking. On the other hand, we have more advanced e-cigs for those wanting more control over their vaping experience. Whether you’re new to vaping, or are looking for an experience with plenty of flexibility and control, our staff will find you the best SmokeMax product for your needs.


We’re not just here to help in-store – all of our products are available online and we’re here on Facebook and Twitter if there are any questions you need answered. Plus, we also send out regular emails packed with information on e-cigarette news, our products and handy tips and tricks to help you through. To receive our emails, simply sign up here.

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