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​5 Reasons why you should swap traditional cigarettes for their Electronic Counterparts.

Are you thinking about changing the way you get your nicotine fix? You’re not alone. Whether you’re looking to quit smoking for good or are just looking for a healthier alternative, SmokeMax believes that E-cigarettes are the way forward.

Designed as a quitting aid to replace smoking, E-Cigarettes are safer, healthier and greener meaning there are a whole host of reasons to switch. Here at SmokeMax, we have picked our favourite five reasons to make the switch to E-Cigarettes.

1.Ditching those Carcinogens. With over 70 known carcinogens in tobacco smoke produced by traditional cigarettes approximately half of the estimated world’s 1 Billion smokers will die prematurely as a direct consequence of smoking. Added to that Smoking traditional cigarettes causes around 85% of the approximately 40,000 cases of lung cancer in the UK each year. In comparison with E-Cigarettes, there is only nicotine, propylene glycol (used in smoke machines) and food flavourings of the type you can pick up in your local supermarket. E Smoking currently accounts for around 100,000, or about one in six, deaths each year in the UK, while switching to E-Cigarettes lowers your risk of cancer exponentially. It just makes sense to switch. Seriously we can’t hammer this home enough, cigarette smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals and toxins, sticking with traditional cigarettes is killing you.

2.Get rid of that annoying Smokers Cough. There’s not many things as irritating as a persistent cough that you just can’t shake off. So why put yourself through the anguish? The toxins and smoke produced when cigarettes cause huge amounts of damage to your internals and your body’s ability to protect itself. E-cigarettes don’t have these toxins or any smoke which means the cough will disappear along with those pesky traditional cigarettes! You will begin to see an immediate improvement when switching that will continue to progress as the body heals itself in the weeks after you start using an E-cigarette.

3.No Second Hand Smoke.No Smoke, No Toxins, No killing your friends and family. E-cigarettes produces harmless vapour and only when the user exhales, unlike traditional cigarettes that pump dangerous carcinogens into the surroundings as soon as they are lit.

4.No Smell, No Stains, No Ashtray.Smoking is a pretty unsavoury habit. There’s the smell, the staining to your teeth and fingers, the unsightly ashtray… Bin all that when you make the jump to E-Cigarettes. You’ll feel like a brand new person and your loved one’s will thank you (and us!).

5.Moneysaver. Seriously. It’s so much cheaper. SmokeMax offers 4 bottles for £10. That’s about a 2/3’s saving on what you spend on the equivalent amount of traditional cigarettes. If someone told you they could cut one of your bills down to a third, would you not me mad to say no?

So what you waiting for, check out our range of E-Cigarettes and improve your standard of life today. Still not sure? Pop into one of our Glasgow E-cigarettes shops and talk to our helpful staff who can can demonstrate and talk you through making the switch. It’ll be worth it!

Did you know that people attempting to quit smoking without professional help are approximately 60% more likely to report succeeding if they use e-cigarettes than if they use willpower alone or over-the-counter nicotine replacement therapies such as patches or gum? That’s the findings of a large according survey and research carried out in 2014 by The Society for the Study of Addiction.

With our range of high, medium, low and zero nicotine e-liquids we offer an easy way to cut down you nicotine intake in a controlled and safe way while keeping those cravings at bay.

With our help giving up smoking can increases your chances of living a longer and healthier life, even if you’ve smoked for 40 years. You’ll start to notice the benefits soon after quitting. For example:

After one month your skin will be clearer, brighter and more hydrated

After three to nine months your breathing will have improved, and you will no longer have a cough or wheeze

After one year your risk of heart attack and heart disease will have fallen to about half that of a smoker

So what you waiting for? Order a starter kit to day and let us help you stop smoking!

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